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Putin's Biography Stages Childhood - Studing.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was burn in the Leningrad city on 7 october 1952 year. Father Vladimir Putin, take part in the Leningrad defence. Mother Mariya (Mary) Putin. Putin's Mother Mariya Putin originally from the Tver district.

Putin had a brother too. He is dead? in the Leningrad's BLOKADA time. Putin studed in the school and was one from the best pupil.

Specially Putin was succeed in the foreign languages. Young Vladimir Putin had a lot talants in this field. The childhood years Putin's Biography are a tipical years of biography this time teenagers. 11 years old the Putin began to train in the Sambo section. Sport take a large place in the Putin Biography President Life. Putin trained a lot of time and very succeed. Putin reach the Master level and winned the Leningrad championship.

This was a first great victory in the Putin biography. Putin loved his city. The Putin biography related with the Leningrad. President Putin visiting always this city and have a lot of friends there.

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Putin and Bush Two Presidents .
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Putin Biography. President a short speach. A short President speach.

Inthe 70 th years Putin entering the Leningrad university. Putin was one from the best students in the university. The great memory of Putin helped succssesful studing in the university. Education helped for .. Putin in the future carrer. Putin studed on the facility of law.

After the university Putin was sent to work in the KGB. Putin was married in the july 1983 year. The wife Ludmila Aleksandrovna studed in the same university. She is speaking Germany, Spanish and Franch languages.

Putin family had two kids dothers Mariya (1985) and Katya (1986). After Putin was sent to work to the Germany. Putin served there withing 1985-1990 years.

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